All about “Daisy Winters”

Sterling recently wrapped up filming Beth LaMure’s indie drama “Daisy Winters” in Georgia. She plays the lead role in the movie and her co-stars include Brooke Shields, Carrie Preston, Iwan Rheon, Paul Blackthorne and Nick Gore. The film’s synopsis is the following:

“Daisy Winters” is about an eleven year-old girl’s unconventional, yet deeply loving relationship with her mother and what happens when this essential mother/daughter bond is harshly broken. Along her journey, including her quest to discover her father, the courageous, resourceful and precocious Daisy learns about how to embrace every moment with determination and an unrelenting belief in herself.

You can follow @Itsdaisywinters on Twitter for updates. Also, be sure to check out the on set pictures I’ve added to the gallery.

“The Conjuring 2″ Out in Theaters!

“The Conjuring 2″, in which Sterling reprises her role as Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson’s daughter, is currently out in theaters in several countries! To check if the movie has already been released in your country, click here. Remember that it’s rated R for terror and horror violence.

“The Conjuring 2″ Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer for “The Conjuring 2″ was released earlier this month! Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature Sterling’s character, Judy Warren, but it’s still worth watching if you love horror films or simply want to know more about the movie. Warning: Do not watch this if you get easily scared.

New Bookings: “Divorce” & “The Conjuring 2″

According to Deadline, Sterling has added two new projects to her resumé: “Divorce”, a new HBO comedy series starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Hayden Church, and “The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist”, a sequel of the 2013 film. Congratulations on the new bookings, Sterling!

Sterling Jerins (“World War Z”, “Conjuring”) has booked a series regular role opposite Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Hayden Church in HBO’s upcoming comedy series “Divorce”. Created by Sharon Horgan, “Divorce” tells the story of a very, very long divorce. It centers on Frances (Parker), a woman who suddenly begins to reassess her life and her marriage, and finds that making a clean break and a fresh start is harder than she thought. Jerins will play Frances and Robert’s (Church) daughter. Sterling recently wrapped “Conjuring 2″ for New Line, reprising her role of Judy. She also appears in short “Before The Bomb”. Sterling is repped by ICM Partners, Jeff Gill, Principal Entertainment LA and attorney Dave Feldman.